SLC Supresso Calorie Burner Coffee 1/10

  • SLC Supresso Calorie Burner Coffee 1/10
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Enjoy drinking instant coffee while losing extra pounds.

SLC Suppresso is a delicious instant drink in powder. Contains Arabica coffee extract, L-carnitine and dietary fiber.

Arabica in this coffee reduces appetite and speeds up metabolism, which leads to less food intake and weight loss.
Dietary fiber contributes to the efficient functioning of the digestive system and the removal of food residues.
L-carnitine converts fats into energy for consumption, which leads to an increase in energy.
This creates a greater need for exercise, so this product is a favorite to all active people.
Just one teaspoon a day of this coffee will increase your energy and strength.
1 (one) 5g cup contains: Arabica coffee 3,5gr, L-carnitine (L-carnitine-1-tartrate) 0,3gr, dietary (vegetable) fiber 1,0gr, granulated sugar 0,2gr
This formula reduces appetite, increases aerobic capacity, encourages rapid weight loss, and acts as a fuel for the brain, heart and muscles. So, the energy of the body is at a high level during the day. As a result, focus, concentration and overall mood improve.
Usage: The recommended daily dose is one bag a day. Prepare as instant coffee with 150 ml of hot water.
Specially designed coffee for:
• Weight loss
• Reduce appetite
• Increased alertness and attention
• Speed up metabolism
• Increases energy
• Increases fat oxidation
The natural ingredients of SLC coffee will not only help you achieve maximum effects, but will also improve the work of the cognitive system and quickly melt excess fat without strict diets and exercises.

Your day will be filled with more energy, and at the same time your appetite will be suppressed. While the taste of Arabica conquers you, L-carnitine in coffee speeds up metabolism, calories are burned even longer, even when you are resting.

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