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This package is a combination of products that help you lose extra pounds without hunger or strenuous exercise. If you use them in our scheme, you will get very fast results. Тhanks to the antioxidants in tea and capsules, you will have a smoother and smoother skin, tooCoffee further reduces appetite, and belly patches accelerate the melting of fatty deposits around the waist and waist.  
This package will not only remove excess water, but will also quickly melt the fat where you have it most. And all this for 36 days without  effort and hunger, without restoring lost pounds. This pack is ideal not only for women but also for men who are overweight and want to have a beautiful and fit figure. 
The package is intended for 36 days and contains :
36 Acai Berry SLC Berry - capsules for reduction of appetite
22 bags SLC Supresso Calorie burner coffee - burner of fat
20 SLC Detox Tea bags - for complete detoxification of the body
10 SLC Belly Patch - patches for stomach 

+ FREE SLC Fat Burner for women 1/60

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