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The best weight loss package that delivers reliable and fast results. Combination of the three best-selling products, fat burner, detox tea and capsules to reduce appetite. This combination increase metabolism and is an excellent support to lose weight without hunger and effortless exercise. 

This package is ideal for both men and women.


The package is intended for 30 days and contains:

SLC Energy Boost Coffee - 7 bags

SLC capsules - 30 capsules

SLC Detox Tea - 20 bags


How does it work?

·         Tea, capsules and coffee work synergistically to accelerate metabolism. 

  The first 20 days of tea helps to get rid of the toxins that occur in the process of weakening, but also those settled in the gastrointestinal tract. 

·         Coffee helps burn fatty deposits, where it has the most (on thighs and waist)

·         Capsules reduce appetite and thus reduce food intake give a feeling of satiety


Directions of use of the package:

In the morning, you drink a capsule. After a few hours, put 1 tea bag in 500 ml boiling water at less than 100 degrees. Drink slowly gradually during the day. You can use the same bag once more during the day. Coffee is consumed instead of the usual coffee during the day and is prepared as usual instant coffee with hot water.

How much can I lose weight per month?

The results vary and are different  in everyone, and depends individually on each body.

With this package, Adelina Tahiri lose 20 kg in two months.

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