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SLC Bundle is weight loss package which contain:
36 SLC capsules for  appetite reduction 
20 bags SLC Supresso Calorie burner cofee – fat burner
20 SLC Detox Tea bags - for complete detoxification of the body

SLC capsules help you lose appetite and lose weight without starvation or strenuous exercise. Coffee will further reduce your cravings for food and help you burn extra pounds, even when you're resting.
The full effect and efficacy of weight loss gives detoxification tea SLC Detox Tea which will help you to dispose of all the accumulated toxins that you have gained from malnutrition and overweight. So cleansed from the inside of whatever food you enter, the body will successfully get what it needs from nutrients and the excess with the help of tea will swallow it faster than usual.
This package will not only remove excess water, but will also quickly melt the fat where you have it most. And all this for 30 days without effort and hunger, without restoring lost pounds. 
This pack is ideal not only for women but also for men who are overweight and want to have a beautiful and fit figure. 

NO NEED TO KEEP SPECIAL NUTRITION , it is enough to be careful not to overeat. We recommend eating after 12 pm when your first meal is up, and the last no later than 8 pm. Do not take more than two meals and one extra fruit mix to mix the main ones. Black chocolate, green apples and seasonal fruits will reduce your nausea if you appear (especially in the first week when you expel toxins from the body). If you feel a headache it is powerful to be thirsty, so drink as much water as you want and a little more than usual, but do not let yourself be thirsty. 
How much is losing weight per month?
For 36 days you can lose 2 to 3 garments in volume , or 8 to 12 kg. In addition, your health will be better, as you will have a clean body of toxins, reduced appetite, and will lose significantly your craving for food and eating. At the same time your skin will not be as stretchy and rough as when it is rapidly weakening, but on the contrary you will have smooth and shiny skin. The results in different individuals vary and vary with everyone, and depend on each organism individually.     
Important information : People who take drugs before taking the products ,  
compulsory to be consulted with a doctor . The product is not recommended for use in people who have an allergy to any of the components . Product not be recommended to the use people with pain in the abdomen , ileus , diabetes disease , bleeding in the lower part of the intestine and difficulty swallowing . This product is not a recommended to the use
children , pregnant women and nursing mothers . Do not be exceed the recommended doses . This
products not be intended to diagnose , treat or to prevent disease .
Method of storage : To be stored in original packaging , protected from light , the
temperature below 25 ° C. To be kept at a place inacc


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