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Specially designed patch which:

·         Reduces the waist volume

·         Accelerates cell metabolism

·         Burns fats

·         Eliminates toxins

·         Helps the weight loss process


SLC Belly Patch is a patch which contains medical magnet and herbal extracts. It is envisaged for reduction of the waist volume and helps the weight loss process.

SLC Belly Patch is a new method for reaching ideal weight, which has fully replaced traditional methods.

The usage is for one patch a day, by which, in a very short period, you will be able to reach your objective and reduce your weight.

The patch centre has a Nano magnet which produces magnetic waves. They penetrate the skin and produce meridian massage.

 Magnetism accelerates cell metabolism and consumption of calories, thus creating negative energetic balance and burning of fatty deposits, mostly around the waist.

In combination with extracts of herbal plants, it contributes to the activation of lipase which accelerates elimination of fats, unnecessary substances and toxins accumulated in the body.

The use of these patches is safe and without any undesired effects; the patch is simply applied on the abdomen prior to going to bed.



·         SLC Belly Patch contains medical magnet and herbal extracts

·         All ingredients are extracts of natural plants

·         Proven weight loss effects – this patch burns the excess fats and reduces body weight

·         “Reduced volume” effect – with regular 30-days use, SLC Belly Patch reduces the volume by 5 cm – clinically tested

·         Accelerates the metabolism – process of detoxication: contributes to the acceleration of metabolism.

FDA approved product


Tip: Results are visible in less than two weeks. The patch has an 8-hour effect; gives the feeling of comfort before sleeping. Better results can be achieved with controlled means and exercise for 4 weeks.


Manner of usage:

STEP 1: Clean the skin, and let it dry completely

STEP 2: Remove protective foil from the patch and place it on your abdomen (navel).

STEP 3: Use 1 patch a day; the patch can be kept for 12 hours, and not longer than 24 hours

STEP 4: Combine this product with relaxing exercises and SLC Advance capsules for improved weight loss effect.

·         Preservatives- and parabens-free!

·         Risk-free treatment, for external use!

For external use only, no risk from undesired effects. Unlike dietary capsules, there is no risk against undesired effects. This is a natural-based product, mild for the skin, which does not cause any irritations and allows the skin breathe. The list with safety data and tests on skin irritation was performed in a laboratory in New York, USA.


Precautions: Not to be used by women during pregnancy and during menstrual cycles, as well as by people with pain in the abdomen and spleen. No intake of food with high calories value, no intake of coffee/ alcohol, no intake of nuts, and no food intake for 3 hours before going to bed. Intake of spicy food during using the patches is not recommended.


Storage: Keep it in original packaging, protected against light, at temperature up to 250 C, and out of reach of children.

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